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Client: Alianza Americas

About The Client:

Alianza Americas is the only transnational organization rooted in Latino immigrant communities in the U.S. and focused on improving the quality of life for all people in the US-Mexico-Central America migration corridor. Its work brings an important perspective to all areas related to quality of life—economic, racial, and social justice, humane migration policies, and protection for children and families seeking refuge.

Reaching their 10-year anniversary triggered a comprehensive rebranding initiative—including name change. I had the privilege and responsibility of working closely with management to help them re-orient to become a more broadly appealing organization and to raise their visibility with all stakeholder groups. A strategic messaging process combined with a brand visualization phase has led to a ‘re-birth’ of the organization and a redevelopment of online communications, currently underway. 

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An issue we came across during the production of the Alianza brand, was trying to fully represent the many
stations across the Americas while still maintaining consistent brand identity. These logos were created to
give more flexibility to Alianza stations around the Americas to represent their unique station in whichever
country they may be in.

The recommendation is always to use originally images whenever possible, however these images where selected and intentionally to help with establishing a visual identity and guideline for the brand.


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